This Oath and This Indenture: Health Care, Stereotypes, and Our Climate Change Dystopia

Hey penguin fans, this weekend I’m going to be attending the (Un)ethical futures: utopia, dystopia and science fiction conference. My paper, This Oath and This Indenture: Health Care, Stereotypes, and Our Climate Change Dystopia, will be a 20-minute presentation as part of the ‘Climate and Dystopias’ session on Sunday afternoon. I’m so excited to be attending and presenting at this conference.

Tickets are still available, and you should consider coming to experience my feelings on health care in science fiction, because I have a LOT of feelings about health care in our climate change dystopia.

The abstract:

In this paper I examine the positive and negative impacts of common stereotypes of health services in the climate change dystopia movie Elysium. In particular, using Boeckmann and Zeeb’s discussion of equity implications around climate change adaptation for health care and health services, this paper argues that the stereotypes in this movie ignore the complexity of health system interconnectivity and how climate change will have a larger impact on some populations compared to others.

I will argue that a greater representation of this interconnectivity, an understanding of the context of existing health facilities and services, and acknowledgement and understanding of responsibility for health care in climate change will allow narratives around climate change dystopia in Australian contexts to better inform and inspire humanity’s successful adaptation.

In the late 21st century Earth was diseased, polluted and vastly overpopulated.