stephanielaiStephanie Lai is a left-handed archer, vegan, and Chinese-Australian Queer by way of Malaysia. She has had short fiction published with Crossed Genres and in a variety of anthologies, and non-fiction published in Scavenger Magazine,  Peril Magazine and The Toast. She chaired Continuum, Melbourne’s local SFF con, in 2013, where she made everyone talk about intersectionality in their SFF. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she rides her bike in inappropriate places and trains people to survive our upcoming climate change future. She works to ruin everything you love.

Although this is her primary website, you can find her talking about media, social justice and drop bears on No Award, which she shares with Melbourne author Liz Barr; talking about vegan food at Vegan About Town; and rebageling a lot of pictures on her Tumblr.

You should definitely tweet at her to get in touch.

Title photo is copyright Amanda Hamilton; inset photo copyright Chris Madeley.

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