Ozten: Emma for Australians

I have been a bit tardy with my website! It’s because I’m programming for Continuum 11, which has eaten every moment I own. So a backlog.

In March, The Toast published Ozten: Emma for Australians. Beautiful Ms Hayley was my partner in this endeavour, as always.

Emma Woodhouse, Ems, bright, skilled, with a happy disposition and a preoccupation with jam and her friends and the Great British Bake Off (and its offshoot, the Great Australian Bake Off, filmed in distant Melbourne). She loves knitting and amigurumi, which her great childhood friend Knightley regrets ever mentioning to her after he returned from a trip to Japan, and reaches 22 with a university degree in modern art and creative writing, and the vexing, tiny knowledge that she’s never won best jam outside of the under-15s at the Swan View Show.